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New Students
If your account has not already been created by your instructor or administrator, you may have received a Registration Code or Key. Click Register and enter this Code or Key in the designated box. If you do not have a Code, Key, or Username/Password, contact your system administrator to acquire this information.
Current Students
If you are already a student and are registering for a new , please log in as usual. From your dashboard, use the Register a New feature with the code you have been provided.


Your username and password are not case sensitive. To have your username and password remembered on this computer, check the box to the left of Remember before logging in. If you’ve forgotten your username or password, click Reminder to have them e-mailed to the address associated with your account.

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If e-commerce is available, you may click Store to review available s, s, and .
Purchases are completed using the secure PayPal system.
Once your purchase is complete a registration code will be e-mailed to you.
To register, see "Register" at the top of this page.